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Dead Cpu or dead motherboard?

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Hello down below is my build:

i5 9400f

gtx 1050ti

16gb ddr4 ram (Silicon power gaming)

Samung ssd

500w PSU

GIGABYTE B365M DS3H WIFI-Y1-R (renewed motherboard)

Ok so the current problem that i have is that My computer wont go through the POST process, i tried re-racking the cou,ram,gpu, and nothing worked. i turned it on without the gpu and still nothing. I cant even get my pc to run the bios. yes the PSU, gpu both work fine on another system, i cant test my CPU on another system because its not compatible. No beebs or anything when i turned on the pc. So i have concluded that the problem lies between the CPU which was bought brand new off of amazon and my motherboard was also bought off of amazon and it was "renewed". I am going to change the mother board once i get a refund on the current one. 

Like i said before my monitor has no display so i cant even enter the bios+my keyboards dont light up. However the cpu fan, system fans, gpu fan, and hard drive do spin when the system is powered on before the system completly shuts down. It could be that the system shuts down becuase the CPU is overheating as i am currently using the stick cooler that came with the i5 9400f 

If there is any information about my build, or any troubleshooting solutions that you can inform me of please let me know!


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My first suspicion would be incorrect installation.

  • Check for the proper installation of the processor in the socket. Remove the processor and check for bowing/bending and scratching on the gold pads. Also check the socket to see if any pins are out of position.
  • If the processor seems ok, reinstall and mount the cooling solution again. Now disconnect everything connected to the motherboard except the power supply and your keyboard/mouse. This includes removing any M.2 SSDs and unplugging all front panel cables (for powering on/off, if the motherboard doesn't have an auxiliary switch onboard, use a small screw driver across front panel connector's pins 6 and 8. Test in this configuration until it works as it should.

My second suspicion would be with the compatibility and reliability of the memory. If one (or more) is (are) possibly bad, one thing to try is testing with only a single DIMM plugged in. If this doesn't work, move this DIMM to the other channel. Repeat with every DIMM you have (I am presuming two 8GB or four 4GB DIMMs). If all fail, it likely isn't reliability - but it could still be compatibility.

My second suspicion would be the compatibility and reliability of the motherboard.

My third suspicion would be compatibility and reliability of processor.

My fourth suspicion would be Power Supply.

Hope this helps,


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