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Defect Intel Core I7 3770K(PC don't start any more)

I have a problem with my Intel Core I7 3770K. These days my PC didn't start after a normal shut down/Power off. When I want to power it up the Post Code of my Mainboard shows CPU-Initialisation failure. I borrowed an other Core I5 2500K from my friend to be sure that the mainboard is not broken, but with the second CPU it starts normal. So i am sure, that my processor is damaged. I checked the warranty on the Intel warranty center by typing in the PF0-Number(L220B369). I got the Information, that I have warranty till September 2014. Now I searched the bill, but I could not find it anymore, but I know that Ithe CPU was bought seperately one year before, because i build always my PC my own. So I would ask, if I had a possobility for RMA. I always prefered and admitted Intel Processors cause of never having troubles with them, but now I was unlucky.


Wishing all merry christmas in advance from Germany

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Since the processor is still under warranty according to the FPO number, please get in touch with out warranty so they can help you to replace the unit:

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