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Different factory seal sticker on 10900K


I recently purchased an Intel i9 10900k. Now I had 1 question on the box there was no intel factory sealed sticker but 2 round stickers and on these is the "QC PASS" label. Does intel use different stickers sometimes or did the retailer gave me an already opened cpu? I just want to make sure because at the end I paid for a new one.

Thanks for the help!

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Hello Enzol4,  


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.   

I would like to let you know that Intel does use a seal for their products and sometimes the vendor/place of purchase uses them since they provide the warranty the first 30 days (they do not test the CPU, just check that everything looks correct). My recommendation is to get in contact with the place of purchase to get more details about this seal.

Also, remember that you can check the marking of your unit on our website to confirm that it is a legitimate processor from Intel. You can check this website at the following link:


You will need to enter the serial number and batch number (


Deivid A.  

Intel Customer Support Technician  

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