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Documentation? intel specific recommendations (stock) for bios configuration of CPU features


I am looking for documentation on stock configurations for bios configured CPU features. (In my case i9-13900K)
I imagine these come in the form of some recommendations.

General research for information turns up lots of information from 3rd parties to Intel that appears to discuss defaults and stock settings, but these don't always agree, and are often not corroborated by motherboard default/auto's following a CMOS reset. All this casts doubt on sources that in any case not authorittive.

For example I am interested in stock/recommendations for my i9-13900K for what my motherboard calls the 'AVX2 Ratio Offset'  which apparently uses mailbox MSR 0x150, cmd 0x1B.

However, I am struggling to find documentation for recommendations, and behaviour designs for specific processors, in many areas. For example I have *not* found this useful for my needs, Thermal Management - 005 - ID:743844 | 13th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors it tends to concern mostly concepts, terms, ratings and limits.


I am sure that many settings are left up to the motherboard manufacturer/OEM etc. However, there are certainly design intentions for things such as Turbo boost 2.0, Thermal Velocity boost for example for 13600 vs 13900.

Many thanks in advance for any responses.

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Hello AnthonyL,  


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities. I understand that you want further information related to the Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX and AVX2).

In this case, I have general information related to any feature controlled by the BIOS that was developed by Intel:

For any settings related to the BIOS, you must check with the motherboard manufacturer for further information and instructions.

Please keep in mind that this thread will no longer be monitored by Intel.  


Deivid A.  

Intel Customer Support Technician  

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I was irritated with this response at the time.
Now with the controversy about these processors, the processor I have, I find intel's attitude towards documentation dismal.
I asked in the post above, for intel's documentation, about intel's chip, I even put it in intel language (I provided the mailbox command) , for INTELS defaults/STOCK recommendations. Because all I could find instead were crazy configuration limits, that would require cryocooling.
In order to set my 13900K up I had to use all sorts of arcane darkarts sources like Skatterbencher youtube vids from the N2 cooled 9GHz overclocking community. This was ridiculous. All I wanted was intels stock recommendations, and to maybe tweak a little undervolting if my silicon could sustain it. Because clearly my mobo makers bios options were junk.
Instead I was told "speak to your 3rd party motherboard manufacturer to get information on our recommendations for our chips"
And Iook where we now are with the mess as a result of intel leaving it in those 3rd party's hands.
If you intel provided clearer documentation we could have helped you hold the mobo manufacturers to account.
Asus is THE LEADER. You could at least have held them to account.

- I want INTELS AUTHORITATIVE 'detailed' 'complete' documentation (IE anything and everything that can be configured by a mailbox command) for intels recommended stocks. It absolutely should not be for the mobo maker to work out how ensure intels chips run so that 0x01 + 0x01 = 0x10 .
Intel should know. And I want that authoritative info for my chip I purchased through retail from intel, (that was 'not' supplied via my mobo maker). Please leave the mobo maker out of it. Please tell us about your chip we purchased basically from you. (I can't buy direct from intel if I wanted to.)

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