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Does Intel Atom Z2760 support Linux or Android and can i upgrade it?

Hello All,

1- I have "Samsung Ativ tab 500 with Intel Atom Z2760", and i need to install "Android or Linux" beside My current OS (Windows 10 creator 32 bit), so does this processor support Linux or Android? and if so, can i install it beside Windows or must I install one OS only?.

2- My Tablet has another version with Intel core i5 called " Samsung Ativ tab 700", so can i upgrade my tablet from Intel atom z2760 with 2GB of Ram to Intel core i5 with 4GB of Ram?. As i know, i can't upgrade my Processor but i can upgrade the Ram to 4GB only. so does it correct?

Thanks in advance

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1. It is not a question of whether or not this processor can support Android or Linux (it certainly can), it is a question of whether or not the BIOS will support booting from any source other than the Windows eMMC (and specifically from a USB device). If it does, you should be able to boot from, for example, a Linux installation image. To be honest and forthcoming, I am thinking that, if you have to ask this question, you may not have the skills to pull this off.

2. As you've surmised, you cannot replace the processor in these tablets. It is unlikely that they are pin-compatible and, if they were, they are soldered-down BGA devices and it is unlikely that the Atom could be removed without damaging the board (let alone the Core i5 be soldered down by hand successfully). As the same time, it is unlikely that the firmware (BIOS) on the board will have support for processors other than the Atom (to truly answer this question, you would need to talk to Samsung's technical support folks). For similar reasons, it is also unlikely that you can increase the DRAM allotment. They are also typically soldered-down devices and difficult to replace.

Hope this answers it,