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Does Intel provide any support for Bios updates for 9th CPUs?


I am building a PC (for the first time) and I made a mistake in ordering my motherboard early before I did all my research and decided on buying a 9th gen cpu rather than an 8th gen and so I need to update my bios for the cpu to actually work with my motherboard. But I don't have a spare eighth gen cpu laying around and all my friends use amd processors. So will I have to buy an 8th gen cpu and return it with a refund or is there something else I can do? It's an NZXT z370 board and an Intel i7-9700k

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You will need an 8th gen processor to do the bios update. The BIOS is from the manufacturer of the board, not Intel.


Find the cheapest 8th gen you can. You might even try a used 8th gen, just to get the bios updated.


A long shot is to send it to the manufacturer to update, or maybe a local repair shop (which may have an 8th gen on the bench).




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Good answer Al! You nailed all the alternatives. There really is no easy solution for this situation...😰


I especially like the idea of finding a repair shop that has an 8th gen processor and who will do the BIOS upgrade for him. They would likely charge a nominal fee, but that's better than nothing.



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Hi @CMcFa7​ ,

Are you aware that in order to update Bios for you motherboard, you need first install Operating System? Before Bios update the NZXT recommends to update the GPU and WiFi cards. In order to update Bios, you need to execute the Flash.bat (which is included in Bios update zip file).