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Does Turbo Boost Technology boost cpu clock 100% of time PC is turned on?


Hi there everyone.


I was taking a look at HWMonitor and found it strange that all cores clock were at 4400MHz - 4600MHz in low usage. From what I know, Turbo Boost only boosts the cpu when it is necessary, ain't it right?


Also, I've been experiencing shutdowns when I'm playing some very specific games like CS:GO, Minecraft and Outlast 2. I play BF1, BF5 and a lot of other games that require more power and none of them have ever made my PC shutdown.


Could this issue be related to Turbo Boost? Maybe there's something that makes Turbo Boost think it is necessary to increase frequency, and therefore it could be hitting those games...?


Appreciate any help. Thanks guys.

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Are you running Windows 10? If so, there are a *plethora* of maintenance tasks running in the background and thus Turbo Boost will remain active - so long as there is thermal margin available.


Trying to blame sudden shutdowns on Turbo Boost is just plain silly. This is most definitely NOT the cause. This feature, in a nutshell, overclocks cores within available power and thermal margins. If the processor is hot enough that thermal shutdowns are close to occurring, there will be no thermal margin available and thus Turbo Boost will not be active.


Sudden (non-thermal) shutdowns are typically the result of memory corruption. This can occur because of bad memory, bugs in the games, bugs in the graphics drivers, etc. If you can make it occur while not running any game (they are typically rushed to market and chock full of bugs as a result, AFAIAC), then I would start looking at other possibilities like bad memory.



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