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Does a CPU purchased in NewEgg, sold by NewEgg have international warranty?


I'm a Canadian living in Thailand, and I want to buy a CPU on the NewEgg website, the seller is NewEgg, so official seller.

I can't get a straight answer on chat, and they told me to ask Intel.

If I buy a CPU from NewEgg USA, ship it to thailand, install it in my PC and it breaks, what happens with the warranty?


1. Do I need to ship it back to USA?

2. Can I have it serviced/replaced in Thailand at any Intel dealer
3. Can I have it seviced/repaired at Synnex or any computer show who sells intel?


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Thanks Scott, 

But NewEgg says there is no I'm confused!

This is what they replied:

"Thank you for contacting Newegg.

This is Katherine. I am the supervisor of customer service. I am emailing you to follow up the international order warranty and the VAT inquiry. 

If you login our Thailand website and the shipping address is the Thailand, then it is an international order. For all the international order, there is no manufacturer warranty for the item. You could check the item page, there isn't warranty information either. The manufacturer warranty is only available on US order and Canadian order."


Can anybody from Intel confirm or deny I have a warranty for this?

I looked at the terms, and the CPU will be packaged in the box and sealed. It's sold by NewEgg, not a private seller.



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If you purchase a product in one country and then move to another country, then the International warranty still applies; that's pretty straight-forward. If you purchase in one country from another country, they are right that it is not so cut and dried. That said, I am not a lawyer; this is my opinion and nothing more. If you want to be safe, purchase it there in Thailand from an authorized distributor.

Sorry, best I can do,


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