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Does a Cherry Trail x5 z-8350 SoC come with a CMOS battery or not?

Hi everyone,

As I posted in another thread on this very forum, my laptop screen remains blank upon startup, and I can't even enter the BIOS/UEFI to correct whatever misgivings the gremlins have done in there, so I tried to disconnect the battery from the motherboard and let it that way overnight, hoping it would be enough to help me reset the CMOS to factory values.

Didn't work.

Now I wonder if there's a hidden CMOS coin battery somewhere under the motherboard. I've tried to remove it, but the final screw refuses to turn, and I don't want to leave to big a trace of my tampering, in case I have to send the computer back to the manufacturer (it's only one month-old).

Can someone show me schematics of a regular Cherry Trail motherboard, so that I can determine if I should try to remove the motherboard myself, or just return the PC?

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I will warn you that you are presenting a tough ask. First of all, every laptop (and tablet) design is different, with motherboards being shaped to fit around other components, etc., so someone needs to have essentially the same unit for you to do any comparison (and perhaps a desire to rip it apart?). Secondly, most vendors consider their schematics to be part of their IP (even if based upon an Intel reference design) and will not release them outside of an NDA (if they will even entertain that possibility).

My recommendation at this point is to wrap it back up and return it to the vendor for replacement.

Hope this helps,


P.S. In my little Windows tablet that utilized this same processor, it was the battery that actually failed (it would still run on A/C). Because the battery was not replaceable, they had to replace the whole unit.