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Does all I7-620m has KVM feature?


Hi guys,

I recently got my hands on e HP elitebook 8740w with I7-620 M processor. The thing is that i cant't enable the KVM feature in Bios (Ctrl-P). I have all the other AMT features, but not the KVM.

I have contacted HP, but they told me to contact Intel about this.

Futhermore, there are no clue in HP docs if this model has integreted graphics.

All the best

Micael Åman

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The I7-620m features Intel® HD Graphics, so if your system features this processor most likely it will use the integrated graphics on the processor. Some information on the graphics controller of this processor is available on this site:

Concerning having a KVM feature, if you are referring to Keyboard, Video and mouse as KVM, and you are looking for a "option ROM" feature as control+"p" or control+"any key" that would be a option rom implementation that would be either part of the system BIOS or the KVM switch connected (if available) or any other expansion module that could be implemented by your system manufacturer, but that is not part of the processor.

If you refer to KVM as Kernel-based Virtual Machines, and you need to check if there is Intel® Virtualization Technology support on the processor, I can confirm you that the processor should support Intel® Virtualization Technology as per its design.

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