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E5700 not running 64-bit OS


I have a Pentium E5700 CPU mounted on an ASUS P5G41T-M LX3 motherboard with 2 GB of RAM.  CPU is genuine Intel as reported by the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool.  BIOS is American Megatrends v 0402.

Even though the specs for this CPU specify that it supports 64-bit versions of an OS, this machine stubbornly insists that it will only accept 32-bit versions.  I tried to dual-boot with Win10 (the other OS is Win7 32-bit) and a trial version of Linux; both run fine at 32 bits, but refuse 64-bit instruction sets.

Any ideas?

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Your 2010 processor is discontinued and not supported.

Yes, it supports and runs 64-bit OS:


You can run IPDT to test your processor:


Rather than dual boot, I suggest just a clean install with W7.  As far as W10, your processor is not supported.


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[Windows 11 is the new Vista]