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ES процессоры


Здравствуйте,слышал что инженерные версии процессоров можно получить бесплатно,если можно,то как мне получить этот процессор?меня интересует именно socket 1151v2 cpu i7-9700 или i9-9900

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Hello Victorx,

Thank you for posting on the Intel* Community.

Our support is only provided in English. We may not be able to translate screenshots attached to the thread. To better assist you, we use a translation tool, hence; the translation may not be completely accurate.

Due to the pre-production nature of the engineering sample processors, they are generally only loaned to OEMs, ODMs, and ISVs for pre-production test and evaluation work under specific contractual terms and conditions to assure the protection of assets and confidential information.

Engineering sample processors are not made available to the general public by Intel.

Contact your vendor or place of purchase if you have received an engineering sample processor in place of a production processor.

If you have other questions or concerns, you can contact:

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