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Enabling PTT Requires ME?


When I enable PTT in my mobo it requires me to also enable ME (Intel Management Engine)?

Is that correct and required?   If the ME has to be enabled does that not present an issue for non corporate users in that they have to update firmware / software?


The reason I ask is because TPM is now the talk of the town.   Would it be better to use

a TPM module on the mobo rather than enable PTT on the CPU?




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Yes indeed, a portion of the PTT service is implemented in the ME.

On systems that come equipped with a TPM or a socket for a TPM module, you sometimes don't see the ME equipped with firmware that includes PTT support. On systems where there is no TPM support, PCC may be your only option. Either is supposed to be just as strong security-wise (though I leave it to Intel to back up that statement; there have been some vulnerabilities identified in the MEI from time to time).

Hope this helps,