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Faster processor, I need more umph


What is the best, cheapest way to speed up my new processor? Can I use my old laptop to add to this new laptop to speed it up? Old one is 16 gig new one is 12gig

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If you are asking about using the old laptop memory to add to the new laptop, then maybe or maybe not.

The old memory would/should be the same as the new laptop, which is unlikely.  But, if it were, then the new memory would have to have a free dimm slot, which is not likely.  If it does, then the old memory would have to match the new memory, which is not likely.


So, best to see if you have a dimm slot available.  If you do, best to purchase a MATCHING memory dimm.


Does the new laptop have an SSD that it boots from?  If so, good.  If not, can you add an ssd or replace the hdd with an ssd?  If so, good.  If not, too bad.


In the OS, do you have a lot of start up tasks?  If not, good.  If so, bad.   Eliminate the startup tasks.


Are you using a hog/pig anti-virus program?  If so, ditch it.  If not, good.   Hog/pig anti-virus programs suck.  Use Windows Defender and be done with it.


There are many things you can do to tune your laptop.   And, there are plenty of sites to help you do this.  Do not believe those sites that tell you to use their registry cleaner.  That is pure BS.


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