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Frequency derating vs core temperature


Hi everybody,


I would like to know the frequency derating when temperature raises.

I have a motherboard with I7-8850H, and i use it at the max temperature and the frequency decreases rapidly.

I can't find curves of the frequency derating/load versus temperature.


Thank you

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Hello PGran7,


Thank you for submitting your question on this Intel® Community.


First, we would like to mention that many Intel® processors make use of Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, which allows them to operate at very high frequencies for a short amount of time. When the processor is operating at or near its maximum frequency, it is possible for the temperature to climb very rapidly and quickly reach its maximum temperature.


In sustained workloads, the processor will operate at or near its maximum temperature limit. Being at maximum temperature while running a workload is not necessarily cause for concern. Intel processors constantly monitor their temperature and can very rapidly adjust their frequency and power consumption to prevent overheating and damage.


Now, to find more specific information, we recommend that you visit the Resource & Design Center, register, and find additional documentation to address your request.


Also, you may submit your question on the Intel® Developer Zone in case you are developing software.




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