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[GLKRVP2] OED audio driver with yellow bang



I download FSP from Kit_Number:134659 and use origin/4.11_branch to build coreboot with Tianocore payload (UEFIPayload) for my glkrvp2(CPU stepping=A1). So far, I can boot up and finished WIN10_x64(RS5) installation. My glkrvp2 had reworked to i2s interface. After I install Intel audio related drivers (audio bus and OED), I still see OED audio driver with yellow bang(STATUS_DEVICE_POWER_FAILURE). Currently, I use WHQL audio drivers => Driver version is; Driver Date is 5/15/2018

Screenshot (1).png

Suppose the WHQL driver is well, would the coreboot lack of patch or some actions from coreboot initial? As far as I know, OED audio driver will expose/manage some I2S devices, such as BT, DMIC and ISST_I2S(master). If it can't probe/init successfully, I2S related drivers will not work.

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