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Good fps but bad performance

May seem contradictory, but that is what has driven me crazy.

I have a problem about 3 months, and I've done a thousand things to try to solve, and nothing solves it. A little less than 2 years I set up my PC, perfect, everything was running perfectly, after a while, all games were bad, with no flowing mouse, something like playing games in the background, the markers mark a FPS pretty good, but the impression I have when playing, is that it is VERY inferior to that mark. The PC does not give a signal, even a lock, perfect temperature, this is driving me crazy ... I've done everything I could and could not do, first I switched the HD to an SSD, I got no results. I replaced the motherboard and RAM, nothing. I bought a 1060 6GB, and to get me finished, continue with the problem. I formatted several times, I tested play without any program installed on the PC, as it could be conflict, and no results. I swapped mouse, monitor, mousepad and even the line filter. I'm about to give up on this computer, because I already spent what I did not have, believe me. Only pieces that I did not change were: Font and Processor. Have you seen anything like this, can you be my processor? I believe that source does not affect performance.

All my drivers are up to date. I used a b85m-e / br when the problem started, and switched to a b85-g43 from msi (new) and nothing was solved. As for the test without the video card, I did the test in some light games, and all of them got a heavy "sensibility" on the mouse, and if I increase the sensitivity, I totally lose the precision, the aim is uncontrollable when i move. I'm sure it's not the mouse, because I already tested 3 different ones.

Thanksm sorry my bad English.




i7 4790


GTX 1060 6GB Zotac (had a 770 windforce)




1x8GB RAM DDR3 1600mhz hyperX


SSD 240GB Kingston


1.5TB HD
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In order to get more information on your case could you provide us with the following?


  • The Intel® System Support Utility for Windows* you can download it at the following link



Please attach the result .txt file to the thread


  • The CPU usage when you have this bad performance problem
  • The FPS that the system is reporting




Leonardo C.



Hello Leonardo,


Thanks for answering!

I currently play 2 games, PUBG and CS: GO, and the problem is perceptivel in both games.

Everything seems to be normal, in CS: GO usage stays: GPU ~ 50% and CPU ~ 45% most of the time. With FPS 200 ~ 280 and some drops up to 150 when I shoot (all on low, 1280x960).

In PUBG, where the problem gets quite noticeable, CPU usage is 30 ~ 40% and GPU 80 ~ 90%. The FPS appears to be normal, ranging from 60 to 120 depending on the region of the map (all in low, 1920x1080). But I notice something strange, when I move fast, or when there are a lot of people close to me, the game gets "heavy" and gives a feeling of low FPS, very bad.

Thanks a lot!!

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Are you sure this "feeling" isn't the result of network lag?