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Graphic lag while gaming on i7-10750H


Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone encounter similar issues - I've recently bought a new gaming laptop running on i7-10750H processor for work and play. everything runs well except when I'm gaming (games like Dota, L4D2 etc).

While gaming, I realised that there is some graphic/video lag while it's running on battery. This issue is gone when I plugged in the external power supply. Have tried to run the system on high performance battery settings but the issue continues. Explanation from manufacturer says that "it can only ration on just the battery power supply and sees it as limited supply, it will not perform as efficient as when the laptop is receiving constant AC"

I wonder if anyone is experiencing the same issue and if this can be solved?

Thanks all!

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Hello lwkjason,

Thank you for posting your question on this Intel® Community.

We would like have more information about your system configuration. Please generate the following reports and attach them to this thread.

Run the Intel® System Support Utility (Intel® SSU)

DxDiag* report

  • Go to Start > Run or Windows Key + R.
  • On the Run prompt, type "dxdiag" then click OK.
  • On the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window, click on Save All Information.
  • Browse to a folder, type in a filename then click Save.

Wanner G.

Intel Customer Support Technician


Hi Wanner,

here's the printscreen and files attached.




Community Manager

Hello lwkjason,

Thank you for your response.

Based on the information provided, this is expected behavior and it does not seem to be related to the processor graphics.

You may experience this behavior depending on BIOS settings, power profiles configured in Windows*, and system design.

Also, your computer has hybrid graphics. Games usually run with discrete graphics by design.

Our recommendation is that you get in touch with your system manufacturer for further support and warranty. They can also attempt to reproduce this behavior, or contact the game developers in case they can optimize the games to run better on these systems.

We hope you find this information helpful.

We will close this inquiry. If you need any further assistance with other issues or inquiries, please post a new question. We will be glad to help you.

Wanner G.

Intel Customer Support Technician