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HD Graphics 620 CPU Boost Issues


I've been having an issue with a Lenovo X1 Carbon 5th Gen (Model 20HR), which has an embedded Intel HD Graphics 620 card. We've been noticing a persistent problem where, when the system is left idle for a few minutes, the CPU will enter what appears to be a low power state, bottoming out at 399 MHz. The problem is, when the CPU tries to recover from this state, the system noticeably lags, causing temporary performance issues, which often effect system stability.

After monitoring this behavior for a couple of weeks, we noticed that when the CPU is recovering from this low-power state, the GPU has an equal-but-opposite spike, where it starts working at around 60-80% of capacity, before throttling back down once the CPU resumes it's normal state.

I suppose my question would have two parts:

1) Is this behavior consistent with the design of the chipset? I know that many traditional CPU's are starting to be phased out by GPU's due to a variety of factors, so it's possible that the system was designed in such a way to make use of all available processing power.

2) Is there any way to adjust/disable this feature if that is the case? I'm not sure yet that this is the root of my issue, but being able to adjust this would go a long way in troubleshooting the cause.

To clarify:

-When I say "idle," I do NOT mean sleep. The system does not have to enter a sleep state for this to occur.

-Windows 10 Enterprise, fully patched and up to date

-All hardware drivers are up to date.

Any and all help is appreciated. This is my boss' machine, I've only been on the job about two months, and getting this fixed would be a pretty big win for me.

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Hello ElJefe28,



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When the computer is idle it is expected the CPU may enter low power state which will decrease CPU frequency. I recommend contacting Lenovo* in order to check if there is any setting you can change to prevent the CPU from entering lower power states. Depending on how they built the system then the power states the CPU will be able to use.



A setting in Windows* you can change is the "Minimum processor state" in Power Options. Please right click on Start button, go to Power Options, in the power plan you are currently using click on "Change plan settings", then click on "Change advanced power settings", expand the "Processor power management" section, expand the "Minimum processor state", and increase the setting to 25%, apply the setting, and then test the system.



This link will give you Lenovo's contact information





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