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HM77 Chipset, IntelCorei7 3610QM Processor

Hello, my laptop G75VW from asus died.

Everything work perfectly except the motherboard died or the graphic card Nvidia GTX 670M (MxM Platform) Chipset HM77

My Question:

Is it possible to put my processor (IntelCorei7 3610QM) in an other motherboard and wich one?

(Yes i tryed to find one but the problem is that i am not sure and i need help)

The other possibility is to find an other motherboard and if it doesnt work then it is my graphic card.. FANS work But black screen.. Keyboard is working when i tryed to flash de bios with CTRL + HOME it was working i could see the del staying but nothing was happening like if my motherboard was not able to proceed.. i have no beep and no i cannot access bios i have a black screen..

What can i do with that processor if there is something i can do with? what socket exactly it is ?<

Thanks for help!


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beaumalevre: Thank you very much for joining the Intel® Processors communities.



In regard to your inquiry, the socket of the processor is: FCPGA988, but for the board to be fully compatible with it the microcode of the BIOS needs to support it as well. Remember that the manufacturer of the laptop customized all the components on it, so in order to get the list of boards that will work with the your processor, please get in contact with them directly so they can further assist you.



Any further questions, please let me know.





Alberto R