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Hello i have a pc with Core 2 duo e 6550 2.33 ghz And i bought a core 2 duo e 8400 3.0 ghz and i am afraid to damage my computer changing my cpu(i know how to change it but i am afraid...) Should i change it(what`s the risks) ?


Other parts:

4gb ram

Amd radeon 7470 1gb

Gigabyte g31m-s2c


I know that this is old but i have very low budget

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What are the risks? You could damage the processor. You could damage the motherboard. If you are careful and you properly ground yourself while doing the replacement, it is fairly straight forward.


Going from a Conroe E6550 to a Wolfdale E8400 is really not much of an upgrade. Can you return or exchange this E8400 that you purchased? You should get one of the (quad core) Yorkfield processors (Q8200, Q8200S, Q8300, Q8400, Q8400S, Q9300, Q9400, Q9400S, Q9450, Q9500, Q9505, Q9505S, Q9550, Q9550S, Q9650, QX9650 or QX9770).