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Hi! I have an I5-8600 cpu. The specifications says, that this CPU only support the 2666Mhz RAM. The 1151 v2 motherboard support other ram frequencies. Can I buy a 3200 Mhz RAM module next to this CPU? Can the CPU use all of the RAM's power?


 I saw some PC with much higher frequency of RAMs with intel CPU's.

Thanks for the answers!

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When you see the Intel specifications indicating that a processor has support for a specific DRAM speed, this indicates that this DRAM speed is the highest speed that Intel fully and thoroughly validates. For those interested in knowing, all lower speeds are fully supported. Now, whether higher speeds will work is dependent upon a number of entities: the processor, the motherboard, the DIMMs/SODIMMs and the BIOS. The Memory Reference Code (MRC) in the BIOS must have support for these higher speeds. On the memory bus(es) themselves, noise is introduced by the processor, the motherboard (and components plugged into it) and the DIMM(s)/SODIMM(s). The motherboard also has design features - termination resistors, etc. - that attempt to suppress noise, avoid signal reflection, etc. For any particular speed, if the total noise present overcomes the processor's ability and/or the DRAM's ability to consistently (and correctly) detect data values, then it will fail. This can occur immediately at power on, after the BIOS has initialized the memory or (worse) sometime later in BIOS processing or even Windows operation (causing system lockups, spontaneous resets, etc. to occur).


Bottom line, I cannot say for sure whether you will be successful utilizing 3200 DRAM. With a good quality motherboard, this is certainly possible, but there are simply too many factors to take into account to provide an assured answer. Worse - and I am talking over months or years, not days or weeks - the noise generated by each component in the system will increase as these components age. As a result, memory that works just fine when you start out may not work sometime down the road.


Hope this explains things far enough,


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