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High CPU Usage in all my games?

I came home from school the other day and I noticed I was getting very bad performance in games. I did some investigating and finally discovered that my CPU load has increased significantly in every game I played. This is causing me to get terrible performance.

At idle, my CPU runs at 4% load. Before this issue, I could play Battlefield 1 and it would be at 40% load. Now it is at 60%.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is very unplayable, as it runs at 95-100% load and stutters frequently. It's choppy and just runs badly.

My temperatures are higher than they used to be also, due to the increased load. I am not overheating though, most I've had is 50C.

I'm also getting bad stuttering in Fallout 3.

I've tried scanning for antiviruses, I have confirmed that the games themselves are taking all this load. I have ruled out that it could be my graphics card. I reinstalled Steam and those games, to no avail. This issue just happened suddenly, it never acted like this before.

My specs are the GTX 1060, i5 6500, and 16GB of RAM.


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