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How any processor is named ??


Hey , I want to ask that How a processor is named ?? i.e how a processor is called as 8-bit processor or 16-bit processor or 32-bit or 64-bit .. Like on the basis of data bus size we decide or on the basis of accumulator size or there is some other reason ??


PS -: It's my humble request to provide crystal clear explanation . As , I have traversed multiple stackoverflow's , wikipedia's etc articles , but haven't found the crystal clear explanation.

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LOL!  In a perfect, logical world, there is the chance of processors being named (assigned model numbers) based upon simple, consistent criteria, but this sure isn't our world! Processors are being named based upon all sorts of perceived performance, usage and other criteria that were considered important when the name was being created by the marketing people doing the naming. Unfortunately, some of this criteria may not make any sense at all today (that I mentioned marketing people should tell you how screwed up this can be).

If there is some particular criteria that you would like to have mapped to Intel processor model numbers, let us know and we can attempt to do so for you.


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