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How can I enable turbo boost ? How do I enter bios ?


f2 at startup takes me to set up utility only


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To "enter BIOS" typically means to enter BIOS Setup, which is what you did when you pressed the F2 key during BIOS POST. In most cases these days, BIOS Setup is implemented as a UEFI application. An alternate meaning for "enter BIOS" is to run the UEFI Shell, which gives you a DOS-like command line interface (CLI). The UEFI Shell is also implemented as a UEFI application and it can be included in the BIOS or "booted" from UEFI bootable media.


I am unsure why you included the graphics info file in a query regarding Intel Turbo Boost, but I was able to use this file to determine that you have a laptop with a 4th generation Intel Core i5-4200U processor (with Intel HD Graphics 4400) and it would seem to imply that you have a DisplayPort connector for connecting an external monitor/TV. I am guessing DisplayPort because the definition for the external monitor includes all possible DisplayPort 1.2 modes, including 4K@60Hz, and, since this is an older (circa 2013) laptop, it is extremely unlikely to have an LSPcon chip sophisticated enough to support a 4K@60Hz HDMI display.


Regarding Turbo Boost, this feature is configured in BIOS Setup and it is typically enabled by default.


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