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How do I add a multiplexer in a simple processor?


I want to add a 16-bit multiplexer in a simple processor which includes 8 16-bit registers, a 9-bit register, another 2 16-bit registers, an ALU, a counter and a control unit. Do note that I want the multiplexer to be connected to the 8 registers through bus wires and then to be connected with the control unit through normal wires which are the RegistersOut.


How do I code it in using VHDL?


Attaching an image so you can see what I'm talking about (all the components that are missing from the image are not important for the implementation of the multiplexer).PROBLEM.png

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I am sorry, but this is a technical support forum for Intel products; it is not a design forum. Check out here: Intel Developer Zone and try posting here: Intel Developer Zone forum.