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How do I configure an Intel Core2Extreme QX9650 SLAN3 and an Intel DP45SG E277733-406?


Bios version is 0125

Ram Kingston KVR1333D3N9/2G 2x 2GB Channel 1 Slot 1 & 3

CorsairCMP8GX3m4A1333C9 2x 2Gb Channel 2 Slot 2 & 4

8GB total at stock SPD 1333

Windows 7 x64 BSODs after loading animation of Retail DVD. Switched to Core 2 Dou E8400 and spend all night setting up Windows 7 Ultimate x64 w/ SP1 (Retail version). Updated and Updated drivers. Ran stable. Switched back to the Core 2 Extreme QX9650. Windows 7 x64 BSODs on Boot after Windows Animation... Argh

What am I missing? I noticed Enhanced Speed Step is GREYED OUT and Enabled. Played with MAX CPU ID setting ( I know it is for Legacy OS's). Set Processor Control to Manual and tried the Enhanced Power Slope to see if it would help... it is at the stock speeds, from what I see. I have not overclocked it.

Any Suggestions?


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The Corsair Ram was added after the Core 2 Dou E8400 was in it and Windows 7 x64 was Updated and Stable. I put in the Corsair Ram and it ran well so changed nothing in the settings of the Bios. Then Switched the CPUs back to the Core 2 Extreme. On Boots it behaved as trying to load the Retail DVD the first time after the Animation


Hello Drudwynn,

Both processors are fully compatible with the motherboard in mention and there should not be any problem when changing the CPU in the motherboard.

Based on your description, it seems the QX9650 processor could be failing and causing this BSOD but there is nothing to configure in the system when switching processors.


yes I determined that to be the problem. Write Commands to the Southbridge would cause a BSOD to occur. The second QX9650 I purchased off Ebay was a Dead Processor. I have a 3rd on the way. Currently my system is up and running with a E8400 I scavenged off another system

Edward Thew