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How measure correctly power Package on processor with FIVR?

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Dear Intel.

How measure correctly power Package on processor with FIVR?

When i compare MSR_PKG_POWER_INFO my 5820K with 8700K.i was amazed power consumation my CPU.

It consume less than new Coffe Lake-S on the testimony RAPL registers?

When i compute power consumation by measureamen SuperIO using VCCIN voltage and measured current.

These measurements seem to be true(120W vs 67W RAPL Value),


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Hello NX_ECX



Thank you for posting in the Intel® community.



Allow me to share with you that the power consumption readings might change depending on the motherboard design, in this case, I recommend contacting the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for detail information.



In case you are a designer please see your private inbox. I have sent you a message.



Hope this helps.





Leonardo C.


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