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How to install MPSS on the machine that does not have coprocessor?

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to install MPSS on a machine which doesn't have coprocessor.

Currently, Intel Parallel Studio 2015 is installed on my machine(no coprocessor), and MPSS is installed on the machine with coprocessor.

I would like to be able to build coprocessor executables on my machine and copy it to the machine with coprocessor and run it there when I need it.

How do I install MPSS on my machine which doesn't have coprocessor?

Would installing MPSS on my machine just like I did for the machine with coprocessor work?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi js0823,

In order to install the MPSS it is required to run the Intel® Xeon Phi Coprocessor. You can find more information about this specific configuration at this link:

If you need further assistance with this product, my best recommendation is to post your query at this link: help help

Kevin M