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How to overclock i5-2450M

I'm trying to use the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility to overclock my processor, the i5-2450M. According to it can reach 3.10 GHz.

After a little bit of more digging, it says it's after the Intel Turbo Boost Technology, which seems to dynamically increase frequency up to the point, is there any way I can make sure that's even working?

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Hello iViscosity:



In regard to your inquiry, I just wanted to let you know that even though the overclocking option is available for unlocked processors, the process of how to do it is not supported by Intel, let me apologize for that.



Normally the processors that are capable of overcloking, are the ones that have a K at the end of the model, eg: i7-4770K, those are the unlocked processors, if this is a laptop, a good thing to do will be to check with the manufacturer of it, in order to verify if the overcloking is supported by it.



The support we provide for the processor is under stock configurations, altering PC clock or memory frequency and/or voltage may, reduce system stability and use life of the system, memory and processor; cause the processor and other system components to fail; cause reductions in system performance; cause additional heat or other damage; and affect system data integrity.



Now, there might be 3rd party web sites or forums where you might be able to get overclocking assistance from different peers:



Any questions, please let me know.





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