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How to use Intel Audio DSP (Cadence HiFi3)


I want to apply the self-developed S/W algorithm to the Audio DSP (Cadence HiFi3) provided by Intel PCH.

However, I cannot find development documents or SDK environment related to Intel Audio DSP.

I already have a Cadence SDK license purchased.

Please let me how to apply and test the S/W algorithm to the Intel Audio DSP.



1. What is the brand and model name of the NUC/laptop/desktop computer that you are using?

=> laptop computer (SAMSUNG Galaxy book 3 pro, Intel Core i7-1360P)

2. Can you provide more details about this project?

=> I belong to Iron Device, an audio fabless company in Korea. To explain in more detail, it is a Korean company that supplies Audio Boost AMP IC. We want to supply audio semiconductor ICs to global markets including Samsung and LG laptop markets in Korea. In order to supply semiconductors to customers, Intel Audio DSP must be used to provide both audio algorithms and SmartPA(Speaker Protection) algorithms.

3. Are you working for a company or is this for personal purposes?

=> This is a company project.


We would like to get help using Audio DSP even if we pay for a project that is very important to us.

Please help me with what to do.



Best regards, 

Gyuhwa Park

Iron Device Corporation

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Hello, @Gyuhwa  


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.  


I am sorry to hear that have been unable to find the documents and support for your inquiry. 


For assistance with your inquiry, please visit the Intel Developer Zone, where you can get the assistance you need regarding your inquiries and more. 


Best regards,  

Jocelyn M.   

Intel Customer Support Technician. 

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