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Hp Victus D16 i7-12700H max turbo problem




My victus model computer has an i7-12700H processor, but the processor speed never increases to 4.7 Ghz. As if it is fixed at 4.1 Ghz in balanced mode. I've done all the tests. But my processor speed always stays at 4.1 Ghz. Benchmark,I completed the stress tests correctly in the notebook. According to my research, F.After 11 BIOS updates, this problem has occurred in everyone. When will the update come for fixes, or could the source of the problem be something else? I am waiting for your support.

I am sharing an image with you to explain my problem more clearly.

CPU Max. Turbo: 4.1Ghz

i7-12700H Max Turbo speed needs to be 4.7Ghz.
My operating system and all software versions are up to date.


The processor values ​​on my two different computers are as in the image. Why is the i7-12700h also watching 4.7GHZ but the i9-12900H also shows the true value of 5.0GHZ speed.


  • I was researching those who study past time periods. The problem is completely related to the hp bios update. There is no problem with the processor max speed in the bios version f.06, but this problem occurs in bios versions above f.06.


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Since you have stated that this problem is completely related to the version of the HP bios in your other thread, you need to take your discussion to HP.


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[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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