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I cannot get any support from Sony on the Intel Ant-Theft installed on my Sony laptop. They say I have to speak to you. It is an Intel product so can you assist? Transcript below


Sony At 12:58:17 PM

Matched skill rule: Electronics


Sony At 12:58:17 PM

Welcome to our chat service.


Sony At 12:58:27 PM

Initialising chat session...


Rob At 12:58:49 PM



Usama At 12:58:59 PM

Good Afternoon Rob. My name is Usama.

How are you doing today?


Rob At 12:59:25 PM

Good thanks Usama, how are you?


Usama At 12:59:48 PM

I'm doing great, thanks for asking ^^

Can I have the 15 digit serial number of your VAIO please? It begins with 27, 28 or 54. You can find the steps for locating the serial number here:



Rob At 1:00:49 PM

Sure - it is 545113960000814


Usama At 1:01:02 PM

Can you also show me a picture of what you see at the moment?


Rob At 1:01:25 PM

How do I send you a picture?


Usama At 1:01:38 PM

You can use this pop-up.


Rob Uploaded A File 1:03:07 PM





Rob At 1:05:04 PM

did that come through OK?


Usama At 1:05:29 PM

It has, but the screen is not very visible, can you send another picture if that's okay?


Rob At 1:06:30 PM

will try again - can you re-send the popup?


Rob Uploaded A File 1:09:28 PM





Usama At 1:10:31 PM

I see.

I recommend getting in touch with Intel for further assistance.


Rob At 1:10:51 PM

I have done that already and they say I need to speak to the laptop manufacturer, so Sony in this case


Usama At 1:12:30 PM

Let me look into that for you.


Rob At 1:14:39 PM

ok thx


Usama At 1:15:26 PM

We recommend following the steps available here:



Rob At 1:16:10 PM

I've been looking at page - which steps apply to my issue?


Usama At 1:16:33 PM

That'd be steps under number 4.


Rob At 1:17:11 PM

but i don't have the password - that was my original query?


Usama At 1:18:17 PM

We're unable to access or reset your password from our side, we recommend contacting Intel support for that.


Rob At 1:19:58 PM

Intel will not assist saying that I have to speak to you (Sony). This means I have an unusable laptop. I don;t want to recover anything off this unit, just to be able to reinstall it afresh and use it again


Usama At 1:21:17 PM

I understand that of course. Unfortunately, however, we have no access or control over Intel accounts or Anti-Theft recovery.


Rob At 1:22:21 PM

OK thx - how do I get a transcript of this chat?


Usama At 1:23:11 PM

You can request an email copy of this conversation in the post-chat survey.

Is there anything else that I can assist you with?


Rob At 1:23:21 PM

ok thx - no all done for now


Usama At 1:23:26 PM

Thank you for contacting Sony support. It's been a pleasure chatting with you. Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your day.


Sony At 1:23:56 PM

Operator Usama forced closed session.


Sony At 1:23:57 PM

Visitor closed session.


Usama At 1:25:04 PM

Email sent to Rob <> for site: Sony

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Thanks for the quick answer Doc - am I right that the solutions McAfee propose all need me to be either in Windows so I can install their tools or to logon via their website so I can manage it via there?


We have no access to either as the laptop won't boot into Windows (stuck on Ant-Theft dialog) and we do not have the website details. All I want to do is to reinstall this machine from scratch - is there a method that allows me to do this?

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I cannot answer that as I have not used their link (I do not use Anti-Theft).



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