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I have a intel i5 9600kf with a coolermaster hyper 212x cooler and im noticing some 10-15c temperature fluctuations, at idle im getting about 27-30c then temps suddenly jump to 45-50c for a split second then drop back to normal, is this normal?


temp spikes idling.png

^this graph shows temps during idle.temp spikes during idle.png

^this graph also shows temps during idle.temp spikes during activity.png

^this graph shows temp during browser/light activity.


the i5 9600kf CPU idles at a normal 28-32c degrees then the package temperature sometimes very briefly spikes to 40-50c then drops back to 30c in a split second, this happens during idle, otherwise during gaming or benchmarking the CPU stays around 54-60c with no issues.


Im using a very beefy hyper 212X cooler, but these spikes are unusual to me, my old 4460 never did this even with a stock cooler


is this normal behavior?

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Yes, this is completely normal. When you are at idle, Windows 10 allows its background maintenance tasks to run. These tasks can consume enough processor resources to cause these fluctuations, even if only momentarily.