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I'm having nostalgia notches for Pentium 4.

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So I've recently looked back at the amount of spending I have for most of the recent 6 six years on computers. It made me wonder why I changed the pattern. Regardless of the prices. I just think it's a huge amount for no cause. I have 3 Intel laptops. And actually have 2 AMD laptops. 2 of each are actually operating. And of course I have a huge NUC for the safety factor. Because that's the safest back computer I have right now. When I actually only started with a single Compaq Presario 6370. Image below. And that was powered by the Intel Pentium 4 for the PPGA478 Northwood product. And obviously in the course of time I only take advantage of advanced multi thread multi core processor with acceleration. Otherwise it's the same throughput. 2.53 Ghz and 533 MHZ FSB. And I've actually been a gluten because the original target was the Atom processor. Given the fact I don't really take to any obvious consumer problems with Core processors. I don't really need it. How come the lithography is everything in the talks? And actually I only benefit from one product which is not even designed for Embedded?

I mean hint at the partners having to put up with this. I'm still not entirely sure what motherboard it was.


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What exactly is your question?


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[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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Well the first thing is the same tension for choice in technology. The second is reliability.

I only got the NUC to serve as a dependent desktop. Because I replaced laptops that got dirty.

And the same problem still really remains. It's all mobile platform.

I never really get any building PC's. It's all just a huge excess spending in that territory.

For gaming too. I don't see a reason for keeping up with developer demands. It just seems that they manufacture the budgets for part manufacturers.

And. Let's get really into a PC user review. It's word document and essentially media. I can honestly say I relax with solitaire.

I don't believe they're doing the right thing for individual computer products.

As a matter a fact that used to be the Pentium perfect moto.

I also understand gassed component computers that are in stores. But, it's all in favor of Chromebook designs. I'm not a fan of that. Arm. And that used to be a terrible starting point.  It used to be impossible to actually sell products like that before. I don't know where they got the success of this lineup all of a sudden. Like here's another nostalgia I get about another useful and smart device that went out of business. Cybiko.

I mean arm in my mind is like a huge TV remote. And I don't really relive the Core gas guzzler moment in a "New York Minute".

What happened to tech computers?

I actually considered manufacturing my own device architectures at some point. It just seems unreasonable. And I'm also not expecting anything portraying  future. I just need some balance. I know how to take care of a machine.

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So, what is it you want an answer for?  You are not making any sense, and posting these photos serves no purpose.   If you want to wax nostalgic, this is not the forum.   There are plenty of other places on the net where you can do this.   This is a technical support forum.  If you have a technical question about an Intel product, ask it.


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[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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I mean. Check this out. This is how this company goes from a family company to a hacker outclassed clave.