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I need to know if a PC with Intel processors is a "UEFI v2.0+ compliant PC" in order to install Windows 8 on the PC.


I looked on the Intel website and could not readily find the information I need. I am trying to help a disabled friend. He has a Samsung DP500A2D- A02UB (specs here) with at least two Intel Processors in it: the CPU Intel® Core™ i3-3220T Processor and Graphics Chipset Intel® HD Graphics 2500; (the graphics are Integrated and the Maximum Graphics Memory is shared).

His hard drive died and I put a new SSD in it. And I want to download and install Windows 8 onto the new SSD. According to Samsung their PCs with Windows 8 or later have the Windows Product Key in the motherboard/firmware.

Based on advice I got from a Windows forum, I need to know if I should install via UEFI or BIOS. Apparently I can only install via UEFI if I have "a UEFI v2.0+ compliant PC. Check your chipset manufacturer/firmware documentation," see How to Install Windows 8 .... using the .. UEFI​ . But I looked and cannot readily find this information on the internet or the Intel website.

QUESTION: Can anybody tell me how to determine if this PC with Intel processors is a "UEFI v2.0+ compliant PC"?




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It is not the processor. It is the bios of the motherboard that you must check for compliance. Ask Samsung, as it is their bios.



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