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I need your help to upgrade my config

Hello my Friends!

I would like to ask your help. I plan to upgrade my pc in the - maybe near- future. My cpu isn't a new one, but still ok, but I surely need a new vga. My CPU is an intel i7 2600k. So the question is: which VGA would be the best fellow to it? At first, I looked at AMD RX 580 8GB, or GTX 1060 6 GB, but I got some advices that this cpu can "serve" a better vga to, like a vega 56, or a GTX 1080. This latter would be a bit cheaper and also stronger, but my 2600k could really work with it without beeing a source of bottleneck?

Thanks your help and advice,

Have a nice day.

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This is your processor:

It supports Intel HD 3000 Graphics.

If your operating system is Windows 10, neither of these are supported.

If your system has an available PCIe x16 slot, you may be able to add a compatible video/graphics card (AMD or Nvidia-based).

I do not understand the rest of your question. Be more specific.

If you are asking about upgrading the processor, you will need to ask your system manufacturer what processors are supported by their BIOS. Then, you can select from those processors.

An upgrade processor must be socket, BIOS, and chipset compatible.