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I think my labtop is getting really hot. How to check ?




I've got a few questions about the I7-4700MQ processor. I have this cpu on my notebook and I've been getting pretty high temperatures for while already (a year or so).


Here are the temperatures I usually get:


- Idle: 70C

- web browsing: 80~85C

- watching videos on the internet: up to 95C

- gaming: it reaches thermal throttling


I repasted it a few times already, the first time I've noticed I little decrease in temperature (about 3~5C) but since then it's been pretty much as described above.


I do not know at what temperatures my notebook ran when it was new, but I used to play BF3 on high+ settings without much stutter.


So, what I would like to know is:


- what are the expected idle temperatures for this cpu model?


- or are these temperatures normal for this cpu?


- what could cause these high temperatures I'm getting?


Thanks in advance for any info on this topic.

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