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Why does my HP 14S (i3-1005G1) only boost to 3,2-3,4 GHz for like 10 seconds and then drops to 1,2-2,4 GHz when I do some little gaming? I use an external fan to keep it cool and usually sits around 69-76 Celcius. How do I make the boost longer?

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Hello johnlarroy,  


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Seems to be that you have the "Turbo boost" option enabled, this feature allows the 1o more core to raise their speed in order to increase the CPU frequency and performance.

However, this option has some rules:

1. It can not be changed manually.

2. It will enable and increase the cores that the operating system thinks are needed.

3. It will increase the frequency to the amount that the operating system thinks is needed to perform a task.

4. As mentioned previously, the operating system will dictates when it needs a boost, which cores needs to be enabled, how much is the frequency going to increase, and how much is going to last.

You may find more details in the following link:


Also, I recommend you to check with the laptop manufacturer for Turbo boost information or for an official tool from HP that allows controlling the CPU frequency for your processor model.


Deivid A. 

Intel Customer Support Technician

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