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I7 14700k strange spikes of temps


Hi everyone, at the end of december 2023 i made my new build which is composed by the i7 14700k mounted on a MSI PRO Z790-A WIFI (MS-7E07) and cooled by the NZXT Kraken Elite 360 RGB and placed inside the NZXT H9 Flow case. Everything works fine (i have some problems with the NZXT Cam app but is not linked to this thread) but even i know that the new i7 can run hot, i noticed strange behavior by checking the temps with HWiNFO during my daily use (i always been a bit paranoic about temps even with the old pc).

I'll explain: At the moment i use only MSI Center and HWiNFO64 while i was forced to disable the NZXT Cam (for the issue above, probably due to some bugs in the recent updates of the app that sometimes causes the shutdown of the USBs ports at the boot of them pc, and forces me to shutdown the pc via button because the keyboard and mouse won't work anymore until reboot even for two months i never had any issue with both programs running together). Anyway as said i use MSI Center with the user scenario set to personal with fans around 40% until the temps reach over 50-60° so then the fans increase to adapt to the temperature.

By checking during the normal daily use (firefox with 4-5 tabs opened, maybe a couple of programs running but doing nothing heavy and some normal apps in the tray + windows doing his windows things in background where the CPU never went over 10-15%) i noticed via HWiNFO64 that even in my room the temps are normally between 18° to 22° and the temp of the core is for the most of the time between 27° to 33° (which are extremely good temp for this kind of processor) sometimes HWiNFO64 records some spikes of temp that can reach even 70° or 80° (for very short amount because the medium temp is always low) even the pc seems idling.

By checking the single cores temp, i noticed that some of them sometimes have spikes of 20°-30° higher than others.

When i made the pc, i did some bench test and with Cinebench i reached under load temps of 89-91 which are normal. I started chcecking deeper the temp due to these spikes that to me seems strange with the CPU barely over 5-10% or, like yesterday, while i was in game (Assetto Corsa) when i noticed a lag of a couple of seconds and i discovered that the temp reached the 92°.

Is this normal or i should be worried?

Attached some screens from HWiNFO, i hope to be exaustive enough to let you understand my worries and give me some feedback, thanks to everyone.

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@Cris86 wrote:

(if something wrong in the mounting of the cooler or some settings in the mobo itself).

i may entertain you here, since the recent design of the Intel IHS is very thin, and the mount on some motherboards literally bends the CPU, making it harder to mount a heatsink.
So that is a fail in intel's side and partially motherboard manufacturers for not testing the CPU at full power.

Secondly, Gigabyte, while claiming i can't 'copy' their emails, did admit to spike the power usage bcoz the motherboards can't make the system stable....

They say 'hardware design need mor epower to maintain system stanility' .....after i clearly stated the F10 BIOS works best.
Meanwhile they released official F11 version, which, surprise surprise, uses more power than F10.

And they had the guts to tell me, to disable some of the CPU capabilities in order to achive same power level as the B760 motherboard.

Disappointment in text form:


And no, no BIOS settings do not lower the power usage, but BIOS version does.
They don't even know, that enhanced halt is enabled by default.....a slap right into my face.

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Thanks for the laugh. Performance (Z) chipset vs. Value (B) (read: junk) chipset? Hhmmm, I wonder which will win...
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considering that no one can use full performance regardless which motherboard? there will be no winner.


Except, as seen in the screenshot, for now the Z790 that i have has a flaw regarding the idle power consumption, and seeing screenshots and comments from other users, makes me think, this is a common problem, bcoz the 13 and 14 gen CPUs are unstable at lower power.

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this from Gigabyte is... embarassing? I don't know what to say. Anyway, as said multiple time (in our precedent discussion too), i'm start thinking that there's something mounted wrong or some settings on the mobo that are completely wrong, because i can understand everything, but i don't think (i don't want to think) that for a similar CPU is normal to ALWAYS went in thermal throttling ONLY by using After Effects for animating a text, or using blender even without rendering or similar thing. Is not possible that anything that uses the CPU for more than 50% causes thermal throttling

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The above is the graph i shared with Gigabyte support, the only difference in the hardware is the motherboard, everything else is exactly the same.

Conclusion -> BIOS version matters.

Now to LGA1700 stock mounting pressure, which is higher on the Z790 Gigabyte motherboard that i currently use compared to B760.
On both motherboards teh CPU can draw more than 300W without OC, on bothe mounting pressure i applied was beyond my comfort zone.
And that even with now a contact frame, i would still get thermal throttling , if without extreme pressure on the CPU (need a bigger backplate that comes with for example a water block, stock backplate is too small, with stock backplate - the motherboard will bend, instead of increasing pressure on teh actual CPU).

There is a point, at which the mounting pressure on the CPU makes the temperatures under load 'accetable' , and in fact, if i apply more pressure, i would get worse results. So there is a sweet spot, that gives me best results.

Now pay attention to the max looks like XTU is using less power but achieving higher max frequency.
If i would not know any better, i would claim XTU shows 'too good' values in it's own stress tests.
Also,  even with no TDP limit, the CPU did not reach the set turbo boost frequency (5,4GHz on two Pcores, 5,3GHz on the rest of teh Pcores, and 4,2GHz on all Ecores)

There is no point in OC, if a multithread task will not even reach the stock turbo boost frequency under load bcoz teh thermal throttling will stop the frequency.

Also a 0,1GHz Pcore gain...very insignificant gain from 250W to 290W on the OCCT test.

The latest F11 BIOS makes Pcore 5 stuck at 5,3GHz or less, and the moment i change frequency on Ecores, some of the Pcores revert to 5,3GHz


"So much for the glory of the Roman empire."

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