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I7 7700


hi, could you please tell me if  this cpu:

  • Intel I7 7700 ES Quad 8M 3.0G QKYN LGA1151 Integrated HD630 graphics card es edition"

supported for my MotherBoard: GA-B150M-D3H (rev. 1.0), i do see it supports I7700 is it the same as I7700 es, attached the cpu support list for my Motherboard:

Btw What is the (Intel I7 7700 ES ) ES stands for?

Thanks In Advanced..

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"ES" is "engineering sample" and you should not have one.

If you have one, do not use it, and get your money back.

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Thanks for the reply

 I do see it sales on eBay and wanted to know if it will work on my motherboard.

do you know why it's not safe to use it?




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Before you get the processor, you must ask your motherboard manufacturer if it is compatible with their BIOS (in addition to being socket and chipset compatible).

SAFE?  On that auction site, you always take a risk when buying used processors.

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ES and PP processors may have errata that is not present in production processors and is not addressed by the microcode that may be present in the BIOS. ES and PP processors may not be properly configured for long-term proper operation. They may not have valid coefficients for thermal management or power and clock control. At the same time, the BIOS may not recognize the ES and PP processors and thus may not initialize them properly.

ES & PP processors should be treated like a ticking time bomb. They are inevitably going to fail in some way at some point. This is one of the reasons why many BIOS are set up so that, if an ES or PP processor is detected, they will not upgrade to newer BIOS versions.

ES and PP processors are provided to Intel customers in order for them to evaluate a new processor generation. They are not intended for continued use in any kind of production environment. When finished their evaluation, customers are supposed to either return the processors to Intel or destroy them. It is not acceptable to resell them under any circumstances. They are and remain the property of Intel Corporation and may not be resold.