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I9 9900k in regular use, under load, under stress temps!!


Hi there

I have been searching everywhere and couldn't find a single place where people were getting consisted t temps on their I9's to ensure that my new cpu is working appropriately.

So I put together my new PC yesterday and I checked my temps thoroughly as I was informed that this was a toasty cpu. So with 3 front fans, one exhaust and a dark rock pro heatsink I had a reading of 33-34c when I was using my PC for any general stuff like browsing, updating PC etc. Then I had readings of 36-37, when using it for gaming I had readings of 40-43 and when I put it under stress through CPUz I had readings of 78-81 max.

Now because this is my first build I am being extra careful so I'm a bit unsure if these are good temps or if I should adjust something.

Appreciate any help, thanks!


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