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IBSP196 Software for 87C196ET


I am looking for IBSP196.EXE file. It is software to program OTPROM built in 87C196 microcontroller. "Some years" ago software was available on Intel's BBS. Is it possible to receive te software from technical support, find it in the Internet or use another one?

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Hello Bjacek,

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.  

To better assist you, I would appreciate if you could provide the following information:

  • Are you a developer designing any hardware or software?
  • Please provide details about your system.
  • By any change have you checked the Resource & Design Center
  • Why do you require the software?

The reason why we are requesting this information is because the information that you are requesting might be provided in a different support channel (If applicable) with that information, I will be more than glad to point you into the right direction to resolve this as soon as possible.

Esteban D.

Intel Technical Support Technician  

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Hello Esteban!
Thank you for your reply!

> Are you a developer designing any hardware or software?

Yes, but not in this case. It iv very old processor, so it cannot be used in the new design. In this case I try to solve a problem with 15 years old Diesel engines running in trucks.

> Please provide details about your system.

It is computer embedded in the engine of the car. The computer used to be manufactured by the Bosch company. I don't know much about the program and the operating system.

> By any change have you checked the Resource & Design Center

Not yet. I didn't know about it. Thank you for the information. I am going to search this Resource&Design Center today.

> Why do you require the software?

I need to program built in OTPROM memory to write some parameters. I know, I can do it once  

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Hello Bjacek,

Thank you so much for your response and the information provided.

Based on your concern, I would strongly recommend posting your question in the Resource & Design Center. This is because, the software that you need is not provided in this channel.


In that website you can get thechincal resources for Designers and Developers.

Additionally you can find technical documentation, software, tools and support you need to design and build with Intel® products.

I really hope that you can get the information that you need and I wish you luck with your proyect.

That being said, If you need any additional information, please submit a new question as this thread will no longer being monitored  


Esteban D.  

Intel Technical Support Technician   


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Is that software for access the VP44 PSG5?

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