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ITMB Driver Not Available

when booting my PC I get this message everytime, have downloaded and tried to install the version from another thread ITBM 3 ( its1.02.2 ) but I get the exact same message in the picture. I tried to uninstall it but its there but not there

I have just upgraded my computer and reintsalled Windows 10 Home. PC is :

Intel i7 8700K

Gigabyte Aorus 370 Gaming 7 mobo and Aorus 1080 ti GPU

Corsair CMD32GX4M4A2666C15 memory

Hard drive is a M.2 Samsung 950 pro 512GB

Would like to have it working or get rid of it and not have that message

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Community Manager

Hi wls54,



I understand you are getting a problem with Intel® Turbo boost driver. Let me help you on this matter.



I was checking some documentation we have for this issue and I found this error was previously reported. Please take a look at this FAQ for the error message.



Let me know if you still need assistance.




Allan J.


from the FAQ RequirementsWhat are requirements for Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0?

Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 requires:

  • A supported processor
  • A supported operating system
  • A driver and has an associated User Interface application
  • An X99 or X299-based board with an enabled BIOS / firmware that supports this feature
We recommend verifying with your motherboard vendor that support for this technology is enabled on your motherboard / BIOS.Which Intel® Core™ Processors support Intel® Turbo Boost Max 3.0 Technology?
  • Intel® Core™ i7-6950X, i7-6900K, i7-6850K and i7-6800K Processors
  • Intel® Core™ i9-7980XE, i9-7960X, i9-7940X, i9-7920X, i9-7900X and i7-7820X Processors
  • Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 1600 v4 Family
NoteNo other desktop processors support this Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0.Ok, so the new Z370 platform doesnt have this and the new intel i7 8700K doesnt support this feature. So how can I remove this message as it cant find the location to remove the drivers ? Or are these FAQ out of date ? 

Community Manager

Hi wls54,



Based on the processor specifications, there is no Intel® Turbo Boost 3.0.



If this a program installed on your computer, it should be located on Apps and Features.



Here is how to uninstall any program in Windows® 10:



Open the Start menu.


Click Settings.


Select Apps & features from the left pane...


Select the program you wish to uninstall...


Click the Uninstall button that appears.



Hope it helps


Allan J.



If you read my original post you would see that uninstalling doesn't work.

Problem is when you think you are doing a clean reinstallion through Update and Security /Recovery and "reset" in Win 10 you are not as they keep old drivers. So basically if you have problems this is a horrible way to do it . I found my Win10 USB stick and used that to reinstall Windows and to be save I deleted the partion and created a new one before formatting it. Now I dont have this problem anymore.