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Intel Atom P-series for home user!


I think Intel will shoot itself in the foot, for people looking for parallel computing, needing small home servers, or small CPU based data processing devices, to not deliver the Atom P-series CPUs to the end user (and keeping it business oriented only).

If they will be sold in a small NUX/BRIX-like case, they could be very interesting little PCs, competing with lower end AMD Ryzen 4000 or XT series CPUs in terms of performance.

I think limiting their audience to telecom companies, will lose their sales.
Many people wanting to play around with these, as a variation on the AMD Ryzen CPUs.
While a Ryzen nearly has twice the CPU clock speed, for some doing more parallel computations, and getting a larger shared cache, these CPUs can be very interesting, if priced right!

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