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Intel Atom Z3700 Series SoC, BIOS Writers’s Guide



I'm trying to increase the amount of memory on my tablet with Atom Z3740 from 2GB to 4GB. Physically, I changed the LPDDR3 memory chips to chips of the same manufacturer and 2 times more density, but the tablet still recognizes only 2GB of memory and works as before. I checked and made sure that the tablet board supports dual-rank memory chips, the contacts CS1_n_A,B and CKE1_A,B are connected to the processor. But I can’t deal with editing the BIOS myself. As I understand it, only the Density parameter 0111b:8GB needs to be changed to 1000b:16GB, but I don’t know how to find it in the BIOS. That's why I need documents:

Intel Atom Processor Z3600 and Z3700 Series SoC, BIOS Writer’s Guide 537531 and  537532

Maybe somehow more precise advice on how to find the right place in the BIOS to change.

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Hello, @Vlares  


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.  


I am sorry to hear that you've been unable to increase your tablet's memory. 


Please be aware that we don't own or have information about third-party devices (BIOS guides or so), only general information about the processor itself. If you need help doing integrations to it or making changes in its BIOS, you need to contact your System Manufacturer for further assistance. 


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Jocelyn M.   

Intel Customer Support Technician. 

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I'm not talking about third-party devices, I'm talking about specific documents Intel Atom Processor Z3600 and Z3700 Series SoC, BIOS Writer’s Guide 537531 and  537532. I spoke about your processor Atom Z3740 and its description that exists, I named specific document numbers 537531 and  537532. A list of all this Intel documents related to the processor is mentioned in the document Intel Atom Processor Z3600 and Z3700 Series Specification Update August 2017 Rev 012 on page 7. The last document is freely available and easy to find.
Sorry if I'm in the wrong section and this is not your area of expertise, but there are no bios sections or these processors in the Software Development section, although I saw questions asked about bios there.
Tablet manufacturers will not cooperate, they specifically cut the memory of devices with Atom Z3740 and put only 2GB of memory, I did not find a single device on the Atom Z3740 that would fully realize its capabilities, namely the use of 4GB RAM and the x64 operating system. Although, judging by the design of the PCB of my tablet, it was ready for 4GB of RAM.

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