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Intel CPU Suggestion Under $100-150


Hello Guys,


I'm Veer and I'm new to this group. I'm thinking to build a custom PC for my gaming needs and for YouTubing but I don't have a lot of budget for this.


I'm thinking of grabbing some Intel CPUs under $100-150 but not sure which one should I choose? I checked a few websites and they recommend "Intel Core i5-10600K".


Would you please check it and let me know? The topic is a bit off-topic and I'm really sorry for this - but I think I'll get best recommendation on Intel forum, so I posted here

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Before you pick a processor, you need to pick a motherboard.

The choice of a processor is one that you need to make.    You can research this yourself by starting here:

You probably need to start here to learn about building a PC:,5867.html


Last, do not select your components (board, processor, memory, etc) based on price alone.  And, there are plenty of pre-configured PCs available that will provide what you need at the right price.

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Seems like a NUC kit is way to go.  You get everything but the RAM and SSD at a reasonable price, and then you can add the RAM and SSD you want.  Kit is better than pre-assembled, because with assembled you don't know exactly what RAM and SSD you're getting.   Only downside is you still have to buy the operating system if you go with Windows.  Once you get up to i5 level and above, nothing is going to be especially cheap unless you buy used parts ... which generally is not a good idea!

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BTW chip shortage is getting serious.  Prices are starting to skyrocket, and a lot of items are out of stock.  I would buy something today or wait a year!    

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