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Intel Celeron J4125 -- Max Memory is 32GB **not** 8GB ...


I'm trying to conclusively prove the QNAP TS-453D NAS is capable of more than 8GB ram. The NAS utilizes the Intel Celeron J4125 SoC. Both Intel and QNAP state the maximum ram to be 8GB, however, many have tried 16GB & 32GB claiming it to run fine. MEMTEST was recently performed on the NAS using 32GB (2x 16GB Crucial DDR4 2666MHZ) and it PASSED.

Intel experts, could you please explain this MEMTEST vs Intel stated Memory Maximum paradox? 

  • Can the Intel Celeron J4125 SoC's memory controller access / handle more than 8GB DDR4 RAM, that is, can it access, without error, 32 GB ram? 

  • What is the ACTUAL memory upper limit for this SoC?




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Intel will not make claims regarding a capability that they have not tested for all cases. They may validate a part at a point in time where only 4GB/8GB SODIMMs were available. Over time, as available SODIMM sizes increase, the spec if not updated because the team isn't available to validate it -- or, there may be some corner cases which don't allow them to claim that the larger size works in all cases.

Hope this explains it. I would say that, using memory larger than that claimed in the specification, you are in a 'use at your own risk' situation.


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