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Intel Core X-series Processor Family 10xxx supported memory speed / frequency / channels



Do i9-10900x, i9-10920x, i9-10940x and i9-10980xe supports 2993 or 2666 MHz memory speed for 256GB of RAM in 8 memory modules?


Intel website "Brief: Intel® Core™ X-Series Processor Family", "Features at a Glance" section
( claims that models will support  "DDR4-2933 memory with up to 2 DIMMs per channel, for 32GB density, for a maximum 256GB of total memory capacity". As I understand processors support DDR4-2933 when 256GB RAM (8 sockets) are used / installed. 

Other document "Intel® Core™ X-series Processor Families datasheet volume 1" in chapter 1.3.1 System Memory Support ( says that: "2666 MT/s (1DPC)" - that means 1 DIMM per channel, DDR4-2666.


My spec:

motherboard: Asus Prime X299-A II

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While the processors themselves are listed as supporting 2933, whether you will achieve this is dependent upon what memory is used and what motherboard is used. Specifically, how memory is supported is dependent upon the motherboard's BIOS and its support for memory. In many cases, the motherboard and processor will only support this memory speed when one DIMM is used per channel; using two DIMMs can result in slower speeds.

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