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Intel Core i7 2600K drivers problems windows 10



i'am looking for the latest drivers for my old Processor, mentioned above (i7 2600k Sandy Bridge) 

After updating  my setup by changing the motherboard (asrock p67 professional) and installing the OS windows 10, i receive BDOS after 2-5 min of work. 

Just before posting this question to you, i have been talking with Asrock support who gave me an advice to look for the Processor's drivers on the Intel site. 

Could you tell me where i can find it? I can only install any drivers by using safe mode. 

Appreciate any sort of help! 

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There are no "processpr drivers.   And, there is no Intel graphic driver for windows 10,  Your processor is discontinued and not supported.  And, a system as old as yours may be suffering from component failure.  At a minimum, you may be overheating.   I would try cleaning the cpu cooler and re-doing the thermal paste.   If that does not help, it is time for you to get new(er) hardware.   I suggest something with an 11th or 12th gen processor.


Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)
[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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